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Parent Academy is be held at Salm High School on Saturday February 10, 2024 from 8:30-12:30 pm. Pleasecome and join us! Onsite registration and vendors open at 7:30 a.m.
Salem High school needs your feedback. Please take a few minutes to provide input on our schools's Title I Parent & Family Engagement Program. Thak you!

Parents you are invited on Monday October 30 form 3:45- 4:45 to attend the Digital Citizenship workshop series is an excellent opportunity to voice your ideas, concerns and suggestions. Join us in person or virtually as we discuss ways to keep scholars safe, respectfula and responsible as they navigate digital environments through out their educational experiences.

Parents join us in the Media Center on Septemebr 26, 2023 from 5:00 p.m.- 5:30 p.m.  to get information about Salem High school’s participation under Title I and your right to be involved!

Title I Information for Parents

The faculty and staff at SHS are actively involved in making the most of the resources and opportunities afforded to us by the Title I program. This includes additional classes, programs, and resources to support students and help them reach their full academic potential.

An integral part of this program is parent and community involvement. The Title I School-Parent Compact and the Title I Parent Engagement Plan outline some of the things you can do to help this program succeed.  

A Message from Our Parent Liaison

Rockdale County Public Schools is required to set aside at least 1% of the District Title IA allocation and distribute not less than 90% of those funds to Title IA schools for parent and family engagement activities. This money is used for parent and family involvement activities and to actively engage parents in the academic achievement of their children.

If you have any suggestions on ways we can improve the achievement of our students, please contact Sherea Johnson or Felicia Andrews
, our Parent Liaisons at:

[email protected] or by phone 77.929.0176 extension 34187
[email protected] or by phone 770.929.0176 extension 34175 

Digital Citizenship for Parents 

Common Sense Media's Family Tech Planners (in English and Spanish)
Family Activity and/or Tip Sheet  
Common Sense Media articles and parenting advice (in English and Spanish)

Important Title I Documents

FY24 Parents Right to Know (English)
FY24 Parents Right to Know (Spanish)

FY24 District Parent and Family Engagement Policy: Click here 

Salem High School Parent and Family Engagement Plan: 2023-2024: Click here

Salem High School - School-Parent Compact 2023-2024: Click here

Daily Planner 

Daily Learning Planner (English)
Daily Learning Planner (Spanish)

Monthly Newsletters  Click here

Daily Learning Planner 

High School (English)
image of Daily Planner for High School

Escuela Prepatoria (grados 9-12) (en español)
imagen de la Planificadora para el aprendizaje para los grados 9-12 (en español)