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Parent Portal Help

LaptopsParents, make sure your Parent Portal account is set up!

For instructions in Spanish, please click here 

How To Create A New Account

If you navigate to this link and use your student's First/Last name, Grade, student ID#, last 4 of SSN and birthdate it will give you the GUID# or Activation Key, make sure you copy down the whole thing as this is what you need to make an account.

Next, you will go to this page HERE and choose 'New User.' This is where you need the long GUID#, or Activation Key, you copied down earlier, from here the setup will require you to create a username, password and ask for your email address and you will be done!

How To Find Your Activation Key or Username once you've entered your student's: First/Last name, Grade, student ID#, last 4 of SSN and birthdate here.

After you Enter Student ID# and Birthdate:
1. Click on your name
2. Copy the Activation Key to create a new account or view your Username for the Parent Portal
NOTE: you do not need to copy the 'GUID:' just the alphanumeric key

Activation key or username
If you do not see your name after completing this process it means you will need to contact central registration to update your students Guardians and Priority contacts.

How to Complete Annual Updates
1. Click 3 lines in top left corner
2. Click 'More'
3. Click 'Annual Updates and Registration'
4. Click 'School Year Annual Update'
5. Click 'Begin Registration'

Parent portal Annual updates

If You Need To Reset Your Parent Portal Password:

- Please contact the SHS Front Office. They can reset your password or put you in contact with someone who can.
- Login to your Parent Portal account here

This page showed you how to:
- Create a NEW Parent Portal Account CLICK HERE
- Find the Username for an account
- Who to contact to reset your password (The SHS Front Office)
- How to complete your Annual Updates
Login to your Parent Portal account here.