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Digital Citizenship


Parents, Salem High School and Rockdale County Public Schools have teamed up with Common Sense Media to promote the safe and ethical use of technology.  Feel free to browse some of Common Sense's free resources to help your family make the most of the Internet and the media in a healthy, positive manner.  These resources come directly from Common Sense Media and are updated regularly.

Parenting, Media, and Everything in Between
Common Sense Media publishes a weekly email blast called "Plugged in Parent" that covers current events / trends in the media.  Below, you will find links to these messages.  If you would like to receive Plugged in Parent and gain access to additional Common Sense Media resources, please click here to sign up!

Family Tip Sheets

Developed by Common Sense Media, these flyers offer a starting point in which parents can have a meaningful conversation with children regarding digital citizenship.  If you are having difficulty viewing these resources, please click here to view them directly from Common Sense Media.

Boys, Girls, and Media Messages
The "Connected Culture"
Online Security
Privacy and Your "Digital Footprint"
Research and Evaluation
Issues with Wikipedia
Digital Relationships
Online Expression
Plagiarism and Privacy
Risky Online Behavior

Family Media Agreement

Looking for some structure to your children's Internet use at home?  Consider having an open discussion based on the tip sheets above, then coming to an agreement on Internet use.  Click here for an example from Common Sense Media and find a safe middle ground for technology use!