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This table lists the faculty and staff of Salem High School.

Lincoln Harris Assistant Principal [email protected]
Brandi Johnson Principal [email protected]
Derrick Lowe Assistant Principal [email protected]
Renee Robinson Assistant Principal [email protected]
Janel Timberlake Assistant Principal [email protected]

Robyn Medlock-Igbo Students with last names A-D [email protected]
James Demmons Students with last names E-K [email protected]
Kindra Latimore Students with last names L-Roc [email protected]
Candice Anderson Students with last names Rod-Z [email protected]

CTAE Department
Dalecia Benoit
[email protected]
Karleta Sigman
[email protected]
Marleta Sigman
[email protected]
Jennifer Tookes
[email protected]
Jimmy Vinson   [email protected]

English Department
Kathy Atkins
[email protected]
Mary Jackson   [email protected]
Shakita Johnson   [email protected]
Anasone Silivongxay   [email protected]
Trent   [email protected]
Natasha Trinite   [email protected]
Phoenicia Williams   [email protected]

Fine Arts Department
Devin James   [email protected]
Craig Johnson   [email protected]
Denise King   [email protected]
Jeffrey Roper   [email protected]

Math Department
Terri Belcher
[email protected]
Audrey Dallas
[email protected]
Owen Daniel
[email protected]
Tomekia Holt-Lewis   [email protected]
Andre Johnson
[email protected]
Aubrey Johnson-Dukes   [email protected]
Tabatha Presley   [email protected]
Almeca Ross   [email protected]
Cristy Starling
[email protected]
Nathan Wisdom
[email protected]

Physical Education / Health
Rochone Dilligard
[email protected]
Jarrett Laws   [email protected]
Wright   [email protected]

Robert Crenshaw
[email protected]
Aldrick Blunt   [email protected]

Science Department
Porchia Bailey p[email protected]
Francis Bosah   [email protected]
Ashlee Bryant   [email protected]
Sharon Jarrett   [email protected]
Megan Larisch [email protected]
Jessica Vason [email protected]
John Whitmon
[email protected]

Social Studies Department
Joyya Baines
[email protected]
Antwayne James   [email protected]
Sherisse Liggins   [email protected]
Erica Phillips   [email protected]
Tayla Reid   [email protected]
Gavin Washington   [email protected]
Jasmine Webb [email protected]

Special Education Department
Johnny Anderson [email protected]
Kier Bowers [email protected]
Amy Fanusi [email protected]
Mary Floyd   [email protected]
George Manomano   [email protected]
Denzel McDaniel   d[email protected]
Mary Moseley   [email protected]
Karen Odom   [email protected]
Maxine Peters   [email protected]
Jeannine Purvis   [email protected]
Kai Reid   [email protected]
Johnny Rutledge   [email protected]
Keicia Lyons [email protected]
Michael Shrewsbury
[email protected]
Devin Watkins   [email protected]
Shelean Young
[email protected]

World Languages 
Sonia Brown
[email protected]
Shakita Johnson
[email protected]

[email protected]
[email protected]

Support Staff
Felicia Colquitt Athletic Director [email protected]
Sharifa Chambers Attendance Clerk [email protected]
Cathy Garrett Bookkeeper [email protected]
Kim Flanagan Cafeteria Manager [email protected]
Joshua Dyer Digital Learning Specialist [email protected]
Thomas Schie Digital Learning Specialist [email protected]
Matthew Moore ESOL Specialist
[email protected]
Malikah Register Graduation Coach/RVC [email protected]
Aldasha Woolfork INTEL [email protected]
Chasta Davis INTEL [email protected]
Christopher Gittens INTEL [email protected]
Jacobs ISS
[email protected]
Kristina Mikel Lead Teacher for Compliance [email protected]
Antanesha Hightower Literacy Coach [email protected]
Nikyta Belser Media Specialist [email protected]
Jugbeh Nimley Nurse [email protected]
Joseph Sawyer Parking Lot Attendant [email protected]
Kalum Harris Prevention and Intervention Specialist [email protected]
Carita Lackey Principal's Secretary [email protected]
Millicent Perry Records Clerk [email protected]
Joy Alford Registrar [email protected]
Sherea Johnson RTI Coordinator
[email protected]
Oliver Taylor School Resource Officer [email protected]
Claudia Taylor Secretary [email protected]
Sonja Lyons Social Worker s[email protected]
Carlotta Gravesande Sp. Education Parapro [email protected]
Trish Moon Sp. Education Parapro [email protected]
Katie Jenkins Sp. Education Parapro [email protected]
Darren Kilby Sp. Education Parapro [email protected]
Claudette Parker-Bailey Sp. Education Parapro [email protected]
Regina Williams
Sp. Education Parapro
[email protected]
Cherry Wood Sp. Education Parapro [email protected]
Tamera Sanders UGA College/Career Adviser [email protected]