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NOTICE: Salem High School will NOT be a testing site for the SAT or the ACT during the Fall 2020 semester.

SAT and ACT Waivers
For confidentiality of parent and student information, the following steps must be done in order to receive an SAT/ACT waiver:
Step 1)  Parent must sign and complete the “Sharing Information with Other Programs” (See attachment below).
Step 2) Take the signed document to cafeteria personnel for authorized signature.
Step 3) Take the signed document with ALL authorized signatures to the College and Career Center to receive SAT/ACT waivers.
 Note: SAT and ACT waivers are available to Junior & Senior students only.  Those Juniors and Seniors that qualify may receive one waiver during Junior Year and one waiver during Senior year for each test.  Students must qualify each year for free/reduced lunch.  Click on the following link for the online application.

click here to go to College Board website.
click here to go to the ACT website.