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Parents, please click here for information about STAR360 screenings, beginning December 1st
Posted on 11/29/2021
Your student will be taking the Star Assessments in Reading and Math starting December 1st. It is key that all families log in to the Renaissance Home Connect website to sign up to get email updates before the assessment starts. This will enable parents to have an automatic email when their student's Star scores are available. Parents cannot sign up after testing happens, so please sign up today in advance of the December 1st start. Instructions to sign up for email updates are available on our school website at this link

The Star Assessments are short tests that provide teachers with learning data. The best way to help your child with Star Assessments is to help them understand why they are taking the test: So their teacher knows exactly how to help them learn! For anxious children, it may be important to tell them that they cannot fail a Star test—as long as they do their best, the data generated from the test will help their teacher teach them more great things. Answers to frequently asked questions about the Star assessments are available at this link.