Prom 2020 Information
Posted on 10/24/2019
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Prom Registration

Seniors and juniors attending prom are required to submit an online registration form. Please click on the links below to register. 

2020 Prom Registration Form 
2020 Prom Guest Form

Prom Payment Information:

Prom tickets are sold individually online on PayPal. If you are bringing a guest who is a non-Salem student, you are required to purchase your guest ticket and submit a Prom Guest Form. All students must be cleared of all old fees from previous school terms at Salem High School prior to attending prom. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Early Bird Special!!!

Single Tickets
October 28th – December 1st
 Seniors  $95.00
 Juniors  $95.00
 Underclassmen/Non-Salem Students  $95.00
 Senior Couple  $180.00
 Junior Couple  $180.00
 Senior Guest/Couple  $180.00
 Junior Guest/Couple  $180.00

PayPal Link

Prom Ticket
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